Data is the new oil, but how do you extract its full value securely? That’s where novatrust, a consultancy specializing in data space design and implementation, comes in.

Founded in 2024 by Mike de Roode and Timon Brussaard, former employees of leading Dutch R&D institute TNO, novatrust recognized the potential of data spaces. These federated data ecosystems enable secure, transparent, and unified data sharing. The founders’ vision is to help clients become data-driven organizations through effective data spaces.

Computer scientist Mike de Roode leads novatrust’s technical development with his passion for data engineering. Business development expert Timon Brussaard drives the business aspects, focusing on data strategy and value creation. Their shared vision and complementary skills, forged while working at TNO in Eindhoven, form the foundation of novatrust.

The novatrust team offers expertise in data management, governance, modeling, and engineering. Their key services include:

  • Data space strategy and roadmap: Defining goals, identifying stakeholders, and creating actionable plans.
  • Architecture and design: Constructing data models, standards, policies, and APIs.
  • Implementation and integration: Using best practices to connect data spaces, including the International Data Spaces (IDS) system.
  • Management and optimization: Ensuring data quality, security, compliance, and value extraction.

novatrust’s success spans industries like manufacturing, healthcare, and energy. They helped a manufacturer create a data space for smart production, boosting quality and innovation.

‘novatrust is a true partner, facilitating data space transformation for its clients’