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Unlocking Data Potential

In today’s landscape, data offers extraordinary potential to drive sustainability, enhance connectedness, and fuel innovation. Unlocking that potential requires secure and strategic data sharing. As data sharing becomes the norm, novatrust is your trusted partner. We prioritize your autonomy, establish unwavering trust, and safeguard your data sovereignty throughout this transformative process.

We’ll help you navigate the complexities of data sharing, ensure compliance with regulations, and create a secure infrastructure to protect your most valuable asset – your data. Unlock the full potential of your organization with Novatrust.



of industrial data is never used.

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Data sharing is reshaping industries

Data spaces are already available

Collaborative Business Models: Powering Innovation Through Partnership

Data spaces hold immense potential to revolutionize how businesses share, utilize, and monetize data. However, creating successful data spaces requires more than just technology – it demands collaborative business models that foster trust, transparency, and mutual benefit for all participants.

Governance Models for Data Spaces: Empowering Individuals together

We understand effective governance is essential in allowing your data space to achieve your goals and protect your data. Governance in data spaces happens on different levels: interorganisational governance, organisational governance, and data governance. We at novatrust help you navigate the topic of governance to enable trust, effective collaboration, and secure data sharing.

Unlock the Power of Shared Understanding

In today’s complex data landscape, businesses often find themselves in collaborations where information gets lost in translation. Different systems, conflicting terminology, and a lack of standardized processes can create barriers to effective data sharing and analysis across organizations.

novatrust specializes in solving this critical challenge through standardization of a common way of working within your community.

Empower Your Team for Data Space Success

Data Spaces is revolutionizing how businesses share and collaborate with data. As organizations build and adopt data spaces, there’s a critical need for professionals skilled in data spaces concepts, technologies, and best practices.

novatrust’s specialized training and education programs provide a pathway to data spaces mastery and official certification.

Our Approach The Novatrust way

Community Building

Build trust by involving all partners in the community.


Cementing the community in a strong governance to ensure its long-term sustainability.

Business Model

Create a collaborative business model which shares the value fairly across the whole community with the novatrust CBM methodology.

Way of Working

Create a common way of working across your sector. Standarize processes and information needs across the value chain.


Setup cutting-edge technical infrastructure with the latest data spaces technology.


Grow your data space! Connect more users and add new features in order to quickly scale.


Federate your data space with other sectorial and regional data spaces to grow even faster!

Meet our experienced and passionate team

Our team is leading the European Data Spaces developments already for over five years. We have a broad set of skills, ranging from technology & semantics expertise to change management & governance knowledge.   

Lets build data spaces together! Mike pioneered by creating the first operational data space in already in 2019. He is awarded Ambassador of the International Data Spaces Association.

Mike de Roode
Founding Partner Novatrust

Unlocking success in digital transformations with cutting edge technologies. Timon builds long lasting partnerships already for over 20 years and has a strong economics and change management background. 

Timon Brussaard
Founding Partner Novatrust

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