Power innovation through collaboration!

Collaborative business models are models that aim to mutually create and capture value. As data spaces rely on parties working together, it is essential all parties involved reap the benefits when participating. We at novatrust, help you to identify and create new collaborative business models, to ensure each party has clear reasons to join a data space.

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It's about collaboration

Data spaces are all about collaboration. novatrust aims to setup business models working for all data spaces members. No winner-takes-all, but rather shared value across the ecosystems.

Multi-level business models

We understand that there is not just one business model, but a multiple levels of business models: each data space member, service providers, and even the data space itself need business models!

Our services

Value Network Analysis

Identify the most important stakeholders and show how and where they exchange, data, goods and services, and money with one another

Sustainability and Scalability

The right collaborative business model is the basis for the plan on how to sustain and scale you data space, we will help you develop your plan

Our Unique Method

Our unique method help us to quickly ask the right questions and create insights into how to answer them in an integral manner

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