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Governance in data spaces is essential to create an environment where you and your partners can collaborate and share data both safely and effectively. Good and effective governance sets the boundaries within which each organisation is able to achieve its goals. That is your own organisation, your partners, and the data space organisation itself.

Novatrust understands this and has methods and tools on each of the defined levels of governance to identify what is important to you. Subsequently, we know how to translate the identified requirements into effective governance structures and models.

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Sustainable Governance

We understand that data space governance is for the long run. Creating a balanced governance with a fair distribution of power is essential for the long-term success of your data space.

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Data Governance

It is essential in data spaces to protect your (individual) data and rights. Traditional data governance models often fail to comprehensively address the unique nature of you (personal) data. At Novatrust we aim to create data governance that protects your data.

Organisational Governance

The data space itself also requires organisation, the question is what type of organisation for example a temporary or perminant data space. Together with you and your partners we will identify the best way in which you data space should be governed.

Inter-organizational governance

A data space is a unique infrastructure that allows for collaboration, agreements need to be made in order to guide that collaboration and make it effective.

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