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Mike de Roode

Founding Partner novatrust

Mike has been working in the data spaces domain for over five years and is awarded Ambassador of the International Data Spaces Association. He is an expert in the technology and change management aspects of data spaces.
At TNO, he is senior consultant within the research group Data Ecosystems and is the portfolio manager for Data Spaces. Moreover, he is Community Manager of one of the first operational data spaces: Smart Connected Supplier Network (SCSN). 

Mike has a background in Mathematics & Computer Science and Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences. He studied Business Information Systems (cum-laude) at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Mike’s achievements

Successful Data Sharing Festival with over 350 attendees

On February 6 and 7th, the Data Sharing Festival takes place. The main topic is ‘Next level data spaces​’ and the festival celebrates the intersection of privacy, cybersecurity, and sovereignty in the data world. It will recognise achievements,...

Data spaces for secure data exchange in healthcare

Data is like oxygen for our healthcare system. Good data is vital in daily practice and is at the beginning of every improvement or breakthrough. However, data is nowhere near as inaccessible as it is in healthcare. This is understandable, but no...

Mike appointed as IDSA Ambassador

Mike de Roode was appointed the honary title of Ambassador of the Internatinoal Data Spaces Association for his contributions to the data spaces community over the past years. The ceremony took place at the Data Sharing Festival 2024 at which also...

Data Spaces Symposium 2024

From 12 to 14 March 2024, the Data Space Symposium 2024 was organized in Darmstadt Germany. Over 800 participants joined the summit. The symposium showcased how data spaces can be harnessed across diverse sectors like industry, healthcare, and...

TNO Security Gateway now IDSA certified!

The International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) awarded TNO with the IDSA Certification Award for the TNO Security Gateway (TSG). This software is a connector that companies can use to participate in international data spaces, decentral platforms...

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