Empower Your Team for Data Space Success

Data Spaces is revolutionizing how businesses share and collaborate with data. As organizations build and adopt data spaces, there’s a critical need for professionals skilled in data spaces concepts, technologies, and best practices.

novatrust’s specialized training and education programs provide a pathway to data spaces mastery and official certification.

You will learn

Sustainable Governance

We understand that data space governance is for the long run. Creating a balanced governance with a fair distribution of power is essential for the long-term success of your data space.

Our services

Data Spaces 101

Your guide to get started in data spaces. The data spaces might be a bit overwhelming: European Regulations, Blueprints, Architectures, Standards, etc. We are here to help you getting the basics right!

Become on expert

You want to guide your company in the data spaces landscape? Develop new services? Setup your own data space? We help you acquire all the knowledge you need!

Latest Insights

You will learn the latest insights in the data spaces landscape. Our team is well aware of the latest developments at GAIA-X, nominated as IDSA Ambassador, and has long lasting relations with leading researchers.  

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