On February 6 and 7th, the Data Sharing Festival takes place. The main topic is ‘Next level data spaces​’ and the festival celebrates the intersection of privacy, cybersecurity, and sovereignty in the data world. It will recognise achievements, tackle challenges, and shape the future of data spaces with inspiring keynotes, panels, and many interactive sessions. The programme focuses on practical solutions and collaboration to scale up market adoption and synergise individual approaches. It promises entertaining and enlightening experiences, fostering connections, and sparking future collaborations.

Uncovering Business Value in Data Spaces 

Geert Lamerichs and Mike de Roode hosted the workshop Uncovering Business Value in Data Spaces during the Data Sharing Festival. The goal of the workshop was to design data spaces based on the value of the business ecosystem. THe session focussed on a methodology for Collaborative Business Modeling: how to share the value and the costs of a data space in a fair manner across all organizations.   

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